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Welcome to the Inform Formulary

The formulary lists all medicines approved for use in Cardiff and Vale UHB

How to search INFORM
Enter the name of the medicine you require in the search box. Click on “Formulary Results” to see a list of products available, their prescribing categories and useful sources. To see all medicines in a particular class, use the chapter headings on the left of the screen and click on the “+” signs to open the section you require. Click on a drug name to display the monograph which will show on the right hand side of the screen. Please consult prescribing information and other guidance before making therapeutic decisions.
Further Advice
  • Welsh Medicines Advice Service on 029 2184 2251 for Health Care Professionals working within C&V UHB requiring therapeutic information or advice 
  • Patient Helpline at WMAS on 029 2184 4181 for patients recently discharged from a Cardiff and Vale Hospital
  • NHS 111 For patients requiring clinical advice. Call 111 or visit
  • for Formulary Issues/feedback please email us:
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This Formulary is managed at WMIC in conjunction with Cardiff and Vale UHB Corporate Medicines Management Group. Chapters are subject to ongoing review by WMIC and UHW Clinical Boards but SPCs and other sources should be consulted for current prescribing information.

Key to Symbols: 
G = General Use - all prescribers, R = Specialist recommended, S = Specialist initiated, H = Hospital only, MC = Multiple Categories, NF = Non-formulary,
NIP = Not In Pathway - Clinical Board Director approval required, IMP = Investigational Medicinal Product